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Connect Groups are an excellent way to get involved in the life of the church. Connect Groups are intentional about building lifelong relationships and fostering discipleship. We love to say: "We do life together". Groups are made up of all ages and life circumstances, so there is a place for you! 

Each Connect Group is responsible to include three components: 1. Study 2. Mission 3. Fellowship. 

Some of our Connect Groups meet at the church and others meet at ConnectHome's. ConnectHome's are host locations where the group's meet on a weekly basis. Some ConnectHome's are actual homes others may be a restaurant, this is our way of doing discipleship in the community that we live. 

If you are interested in joining a group or forming a new group please contact Nate:

Most Connect Groups are on a Summer Break but will start back September 7th. 

Current Connect Groups:

Men's Group, Wesley Marshall Leader, Wednesday Mornings @ConnectHome

Couples Group, Cam Kirbo Leader, Wednesday Nights @ Church

Couples Group, Laura Locke Leader, Wednesday Nights @ Church

Couples Group, Toni Standifer Leader, Wednesday Nights @ ConnectHome

Mixed Group, Ree Pearson Leader, Thursday Nights @ ConnectHome

Mixed Group, Elise Brown Leader, Wednesday Nights @ConnectHome

Email Nate For More Information: